Grantmaking Schedule

The foundation's Board of Trustees reviews full grant proposals on a quarterly basis. Therefore, it is important for organizations to time their grant applications appropriately based upon when the funding is desired. 

Should your Letter of Inquiry miss the deadline for the current cycle, it will automatically be placed in the queue for the subsequent grant cycle. Please Note: your organization will not be automatically disqualified for missing the initial Letter of Inquiry. You may contact the foundation if you do not wish to have your Letter of Inquiry forwarded to the next cycle. The 80/20 Foundation Trust will only honor ONE Letter of Inquiry per organization, per grant cycle.

Below is a chart of the key deadlines for the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter grant cycles in 2020 and 2021.

2020 Schedule



2021 Schedule



Questions or Concerns
About the Grant Process?

The 80/20 Foundation Trust is available to answer your questions and concerns about the grant process, what defines a strategic funding partner, the Letter of Inquiry process, or full grant application needs, etc. as appropriate.

Please contact the 80/20 Foundation Trust staff at: or call 260.212.1235 during standard business hours.